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Of course, the whole point of developing a science of society is to improve society. Although I've never seen any job openings in the want ads for social scientists, we are obviously in desperate need of some. We humans are a cancer upon the earth. We are destroying every province of our environment. Although our civilization is global, fossil-fuel-based and not regional and wood and animal power based like previous civilizations, all the major trends portend of another collapse. If this civilization collapses, there will be nowhere for anyone to run; and humanity might never recover.

Ask anyone over fifty years of age (when they are sober and not trying to sell you something), and they will tell you that there is no hope for man. They have witnessed a constant decline in our environment, in our family life and social relations and in our security. But there is no human problem that human intelligence can't solve.  I know what we must do to get our world and our lives in order; but the present leaders of our world are not listening to me. Not only are they not listening; but due to two frequent, universal and institutionalized, mental disorders, they have been doing almost everything in their power, legal and illegal to censor and suppress me and my message.

I am running for president because I believe it is the best way, and perhaps the only way, to publicize my new social science and begin to change the world. Now that I am a candidate for a state office that affects all of my countrymen, all of you will realize that when they violate my civil liberties and suppress my political message; they are violating your civil liberties, your right to learn and to know. Without the First Amendment rights that our constitution is supposed to guarantee, without freedom of social and political information, power ceases to reside in the people and all claims of democracy are farcical. Our homeland will be most secure when our Chief of Homeland Security  is Ed Snowden or someone exactly like Ed Snowden. The fact that Ed is being hunted by the very people whom he ought to be leading shows how upside down our country has become.

I will never advocate the destruction (or even the permanent disabling) of anyone or any institution. No matter how passionately I disagree with you or your institution on various issues, you will never need to fear me.  There is nothing in our world that is all good or all bad. Everyone and every institution does some good and intends to do good. I am, for example, totally opposed to war and to the belief in spirits; but that doesn't mean that churches and militaries cant' be made wholly positive by changing their ideologies and missions.

As individuals, the worst of us merely become confused due to neglect, believing in our own lies and adopting the legacies of lies that every generation of every culture bequeathe to us. Improving our world is wholly a  matter of learning, especially learning the truth about our ancestors and ourselves and changing the way we live. Seeing ourselves and knowing ourselves as we truly are might just be the most difficult thing in the entire world; but when we do learn anything basic about ourselves, change is automatic.

Let's get on with Social Science Lesson Number One: the most basic and important fact of social life. But before I share it, I want to help many of you learn something personal about yourselves. How easy or difficult it is for you to learn Social Science Lesson Number One will depend entirely upon whether you have either or both of the two universal forms of mental illness mentioned in my third paragraph, above.

The first, universal form of mental illness is the belief in metaphysics and philosophical idealism, in things that are imperishable and not material, not made of electrons. Protons and neutrons are just billions of electrons packed together. (Read Mark McCutcheon’s “The Final Theory” if you are interested in physics.) Immaterial “spirits” are the projections of persons for whom we have mixed emotions that struggle with one another, the struggle being unlocatable due to the suppression of either the positive or the negative side. The wishful thinker in all of us wants to believe in spirits because their existence seems to confirm the wishful belief in our “immortal soul,” which is really the ego, the mind’s operating system, a circuit of electrons (within the intralaminar nucleus, a donut-shaped object in the base of the brain) that adjusts to and interacts with attached ganglia. Organized religions supply us with names for the spirits, names derived from our highly-compromised oral histories. See my works; “Decoding the Deluge,” “Irish Mythology” and “The First Christmas” for a scientific understanding of the four, universal groups of ancestors and relatives and the one individual (the same-sex parent) that condensed into the "gods" and "demons" (or modern "God" and "Devil" or the wrathful "God" of the "Chosen People") and everything else you’d ever want to know about religion. The literal belief in sacred myths and rituals (which are only symbolically true) shrouds our prehistory; popularizes the false philosophies of metaphysics, philosophical idealism and naïve altruism; and keeps people in an infantile state of mind. Infants who think that some god or devil controls our destinies and decides matters of life and death cannot think and act as responsible adults. They resent adults. Most of the world’s poor people are afflicted with this form of mental illness. If you literally believe in any religion, Social Science Lesson Number One will be very difficult for you.

The second, universal, mental illness that severely hinders human learning and social change is homophobia/latent homosexuality. This is an illness that afflicts almost all of the rich and powerful, which is why I’ve had to introduce the subject very gradually and cautiously into my books. It is the cryptic subject of George Orwell’s popular novel, "1984." As all of my books on religion reveal, Jesus was only a mythological character. George Orwell was a historical person who really did die for our sins (savagery). He knew that if he continued to live after 1984's publication, someone would pry out of him the identity of his arch villain, 1984's totalitarian dictator, "Big Brother." Big Brother is a composite of all the latently homosexual people. The richest and most powerful individuals within this composite are those with the broadest and longest latent homosexual lineage, those whose families have been the most and longest dominated by latent homosexuals. There is nothing "luminary" or "illuminated" about them. They specialize in everything dark and deceitful.

In 1949, at the time of 1984's publication, homophobia was so severe that had even a single police agent known Big Brother's identity, the book would have been killed in its cradle. George Orwell died to save his book and our chances of learning its civilizing message.

​Lenny Bruce was one of the few who got George's message. Lenny realized too that all superheroes are archetypal latent homosexuals. The "Lone Ranger" (that masked man in the tight silk underwear, who sports a scarlet scarf, shoots silver bullets from his gun and has a male partner whose English is not good enough to tell any tales) is the ultimate latent homosexual male. In the 1950s, Lenny couldn't finish a comedic performance of his Lone Ranger routine -- anywhere -- without the police bursting into the room, cuffing him and hauling him off to jail! Although we're told Lenny died of a drug overdose, he really died of a police overdose. But things are getting better. Nineteen years after graduating from law school and scoring in the top two percentile on the Multistate Bar Exam, insane fundamentalists and latent homosexuals are still blocking my admission to the New York State Bar Association; but I've been arrested only twice and jailed only once for "offenses" similar to Lenny's. So I now dare to give you the message straight and unabridged. Here it is.

We all love our siblings, and we tend to love them equally. Ask any little child, and he or she will assure you of this. If mom ceases to remain the object of sexual fantasies and desires after the child begins to learn about gender differences (if the child has to transfer his or her desires), then the desires are transferred to a sibling or siblings or whomever is most like a sibling.  This transference occurs as we learn that reproduction is sexual and as we become genitally organized (learn to associate love and sex with the genitalia). Because this occurs at a time when we are focusing our desires upon our siblings, they determine our sexual orientations. Given an effective father, those of us with only opposite sex siblings become heterosexual; those of us with only same sex siblings become homosexual; and those of us with both become bisexual. This happens early in life, and none of us have any control over what siblings we have or what sexual orientation we develop. No one should ever have to suffer any form of discrimination due to his or her sexual orientation.

Our love for our siblings and our biological parents, with whom we are raised, prevents our transitions to exogamy (marriage outside of the family) and monogamy (marriage to only one partner) from being complete. Exogamy is remnant of the primal deed (see Freud’s "Totem and Taboo" for it), and monogamy is remnant of the Neolithic (see vol 1, Chapter 7 of my "Decoding the Deluge" for it). So as we approach puberty, all of us are wearing the First Mask, a mask that pretends that we don’t love our siblings of either sex, so as to facilitate exogamous and monogamous marriage. This mask condemns us to unhappy marriages and lives of sexual frustration or guilt.

As we approach puberty, all of us are also wearing a Second Mask that says we are not animals/great-apes. This mask is remnant of the Species War, the most violent and important series of events in the life of man and the cryptic, major subject of all our religions. I had to coin the term, “Species War.” Guilt from driving our parent species, Homo erectus, to extinction caused our modern, Homo sapiens ancestors to compromise the memory of our parent species beyond all recognition and to say crazy things like, “And then, on the seventh day, God created man in His image…” – as if we are not apes. But in so doing, they severed our link with the animal kingdom and made us all very crazy. This Second Mask made us the monsters of the natural world.

The homophobia of the modern era is a product of monogamy. Monogamy (the requirement that we have only one lover) forces homosexual people to have to choose between having love and having children. I'll say more about monogamy below. For now, realize that prior to primitive people developing extensive trade relations with other tribes, they tend to live in long, lodge houses, polyamorously. As late as the late, fourth century B.C., Alexander the Great, the most revered person of his time, was openly bisexual!

Having to choose between love and children is a horrible choice to make; so people with heterosexual parent role models and same sex siblings, people who can hide their love of their own sex, generally do. They don the Third Mask, a mask that grows to their faces and warps their personalities in all the ways that Big Brother is warped, a mask that makes them the monsters of society.

We are all like characters in Hans Christian Anderson’s “The Emperor’s New Clothes.” We pretend that we don’t see through this most grotesque Third Mask. Why do we all tolerate this grotesque mask of latently homosexual people, the huge lie about which sex they love? Because we are all already equipped with the First and Second Masks. The first two masks prevent all of us from criticizing the Third Mask.

Like that little kid who blurted out the truth about the emperor’s new clothes and with ground-breaking encouragement from George and Lenny, I’m blurting out the truth about Big Brother’s hideous, Third Mask. It was only after shedding the first two masks that I was able to thoroughly appreciate George Orwell’s message and become intolerant of the Third Mask. We must all stop pretending and shed all of our masks because, as George showed us with laser-like precision, the Third Mask people are rightfully angry and become consummate actors, liars, cheaters, manipulators, schemers, oppressors and scoundrels of every sort. (If you can lie about something as basic as whom you love, then all other lies are just little bricks in the false front that you are building.) The Third Mask people are also compulsively belligerent because they project their inner struggle outward. Unable to love, they are motivated only by fear. They value only what contributes to their individual survival (money, power and their own, genetic offspring). They ever-increasingly monopolize all wealth and power. They are obsessed with “growth” and are the most to blame for a world that is yearly more over-populated, polluted, loveless, strife-torn and oppressed. They resent and specially oppress anyone whom they suspect of having a good time. Worst of all, they automatically fear and oppose all significant change because they associate real, social change with the all-important change that they dare not and cannot make -- removing their own masks, being themselves and loving the same-sex people that they are capable of loving.

If you have this modern-era form of mental illness (homophobia and latent homosexuality), then you will be threatened by and find it very difficult to learn Social Science Lesson Number One. We must allow everyone -- including all of us with same-sex siblings -- to love. I am 100% for heterosexual and exogamous monogamy as an ideal for future generations; but in order to make our children heterosexual and in order to make heterosexual monogamy satisfying, for everyone, we will have to organize a more cooperative society and standardize family life as I prescribe in my book, "Stage II of the Nonviolent Rainbow Revolution." In the meantime, in order to accommodate the roughly 60 to 70 percent of the people who are actually homosexual or bisexual, we will have to legally permit and politically encourage and facilitate same-sex marriages with opposite-sex-pair partnerships and group marriages (polyamory).

If you suffer from both of the universal forms of mental illness (religious fundamentalism and latent homosexuality), then Social Science Lesson Number One, which is incredibly easy for others, will be almost impossible for you to wrap your head around. Even hearing it will be like trying to drink from a fire hydrant. If you have both of these problems, then I urge you to return to this essay only after extensive reading. If you are a fundamentalist believer, read my works on religion (cited in the eighth paragraph, above). If you have same sex siblings and are still in denial of your homosexuality or bisexuality, then reread Orwell's "1984" and my essay, "Probing Your Own Mind Can Lead You to the Answers to Our Social Problems" (in my "Selected Works") and join a Meet-up Group in your area.

For the rest of you, here is Social Science Lesson Number One, the most basic and important fact of social life. Human beings, at the absolute top of earth's food chain -- in competition only with each other, a food chain in microcosm -- adopt both of the extreme strategies for reproductive competition, K and R. K is the quality strategy of the large animals. K is having very few offspring but training and equipping them well. Those on top with respect to income, wealth and education adopt this strategy. R is the quantity strategy of the small animals, the insects and (in human society) those on the bottom in terms of income, wealth and education. The two strategies cause each other. Those on the relative bottom, wherever it is, high or low, must adopt the R strategy because their offspring are relatively deprived and therefore vulnerable. K and R are what the class struggle is really about. Because they cause each other and are two sides of the same coin, this K vs. R class struggle cannot be won. It can only be minimized by maximizing equal opportunity (to minimize K) and population control (to minimize R). These two extremes are the root injustice within our world and the source of every wide-spread and persistent social problem. Think long and hard about any problem (or read my issue and policy statements on the same), and you will realize that K and R are at the bottom of it.

K and R initiated the transition to the dysfunctional monogamy we suffer from now. Differences in wealth, income and education that began during the Neolithic caused interpersonal prejudice and resentment to become so great that people were no longer able to live together polyamorously in the long house and had to start living in teepees, huts and wigwams. Inheritance continually aggravated these differences and the pressure for monogamy by default. Modern religion tremendously increased that pressure by decreasing distant neighbor savagery (which was modern religion's reason for coming into being), without doing anything to create equal opportunity and population control (without decreasing K and R). Because total savagery equals distant neighbor savagery plus near neighbor savagery plus suicidal tendencies, holding the sum constant while decreasing one of the addends caused both of the other addends to increase, caused near neighbor savagery and suicidal tendencies to worsen proportionately. Then, modern religion, vaguely cognizant of its role in fashioning a new world but not understanding exactly how monogamy came about or how to dispense with it, branded monogamy as a required virtue. K and R continue to aggravate wealth, income and education differences and to increase the pressure for monogamy by default.

Increasing pressure for monogamy means increasing homophobia. It is insufficient to legalize gay, lesbian and group marriages if increasing homophobia intimidates most people from exercising these rights. In so doing, the LGBT rights movement is trying to run up an escalator that is speeding ever-faster downward!

Conquering homophobia as we must in order to decrease the political-economic power of Big Brother and enable fundamental social and political change will require us to inaugurate a twenty to thirty year, global moratorium on new births. Eliminating everyone's right to reproduce will eliminate the dilemma that monogamy otherwise creates for homosexual folks. (We are not as we do but as we want to do.) It will enable us to eliminate homophobia and every other form of prejudice, reduce the global population to a manageable level, eliminate predatory occupations, goods, services and marketing practices that have evolved as make-work for surplus population, educate and integrate the world’s peoples, use the Stage II software (described in my book, "Stage II of the Nonviolent Rainbow Revolution") to provide everyone love with the ideal partner(s) and create equal opportunity for everyone.

Most importantly, by the end of the moratorium, we should be well on our way to turning our world into the paradise that men have always dreamed of, a K and R minimized (equal opportunity and population control maximized) world, a happy, cooperative, civilized and sustainable world that functions as one virtual and loving family.

Public education and honesty are the all-important first steps. When all the masks come off, we will be able to see ourselves and each other as we really are, as others see us, with our orientation differences and our K and R excesses. We will be able to adopt the compromises that minimize those excesses and stop hating each other for them. (As Jim Hightower once said of George Bush, “He was born on third base and thinks he’s hit a triple.” As any frank Republican might say of the Rs, “They have babies that they can’t employ, can’t educate and often can’t even feed. And they expect others to do the employing, educating and feeding!”)

There is a gigantic crater at the center of every country's code of law. That crater must be filled with the proportional equal opportunity and population control laws needed to minimize K and R. In the Ninth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, our country's founders acknowledged that they were not all-knowing gods, that they could not foresee all the laws that would be needed. Potentially, encoding and enforcing these additional laws to maximize equal opportunity and population control are all that government -- at every level -- needs to do. Instead, right now, governments everywhere are fighting the symptoms of K and R and doing a Mexican hat dance around the real issues! Why? You know why. I told you why.

Most people, and virtually everyone in government suffer from one or both of the universal mental disorders that render people either irresponsible babies (religious fundamentalists) or reactionary scoundrels (latent homosexuals). You wouldn't knowingly entrust your car or your finances to a baby or a scoundrel, would you? So why do you entrust your government to them? 

We are in a downward spiraling vortex, and the future of man seems hopeless only because we have failed up to now to understand and deal with this K and R class struggle and the positive feedback loop (of negative results) that it forms with fundamentalism, (dysfunctional) monogamy, homophobia and latent homosexuality. (An increase in any loop element tends to increase all the other elements. In the male-dominated West, militarism is included in this loop. In the female-dominated East, dishonesty is in the loop.) Dealing with it, freeing ourselves from this vortex, from this downward spiral requires us to use public education and the political sphere to diminish every element simultaneously and to legalize and promote same-sex and group marriages for all who need them. This is an awesome and worldwide task, a social revolution that amounts to stopping the bus that humanity is on and turning it in a new direction. But we can and must do it, and I am not afraid to drive.

Please vote for me, David Huttner, for President of the United States in 2020. Write in my name on your ballot. Download my books from this website, and read them. Donate to my campaign by sending money to my PayPal account: If you can afford to make a large contribution, call TD Bank at 1-888-751-9000, press 0 to speak to a real person and get instructed on how to send a check or wire transfer funds to my DavidHuttnerForPresident account, routing number 026013673, account number 4308719230. 

If you don't have a lot of money but do have a lot of time and energy, carry a signature petition to get me on the ballot in your state. Or read my books and organize a branch of our Peace Love and Progress Party in your locale.

Our party shall be the "Love" party because we shall make love more possible for everyone. As we minimize K and R and create a more equally opportune, less crowded and secure world; women will be less inclined to marry men they don't love for security. We will develop "Finding Mr/Ms Right" software and begin to use it -- not just for four-year-old girls, as described in my "Stage II of the Revolution," but -- for everyone. In female-dominated China, where I lived and worked for ten years, teachers try to meet with their spouses for two hours each afternoon. Chinese women are quite good at finding the face they love, the man that looks the most like themselves and dad. But they too are totally in denial or unconscious of our orientation differences. Most Chinese couples also consist of a heterosexual and a latent homosexual person who can't satisfy each other sexually. Try to imagine a two-hour lunch and sex break with the person or persons ideally suited for you! Once institutionalized, this custom will create a world in which people's motives and behaviors are vastly different from what they are today.

 We shall be the peace party because the main purpose of wars has always been to eliminate surplus population and enrich the fiends who do the planning, financing, manufacturing and selling for wars. We shall take peace initiatives by:

1) Encouraging our traditional adversaries to join us in controlling population the civilized way (i.e. by maximizing equal opportunity and population control);

2) Encouraging under-developed nations to follow suit by treating them to either carrots (true peace-making armies of builders, doctors, educators and English teachers) or sticks (the traditional but much leaner branches of our military);

3) Outlawing nationalism as just another form of prejudice but one that enables the war mongers to brainwash people and sacrifice them en masse at the altar of corporate profits; and

4) Thoroughly integrating with our PLP allies and organizing a civilized block within the United Nations Organization. Upon becoming a majority, our block will move to give the world body supreme and binding legislative power, supreme military power, the exclusive right to tax multinational corporations and ownership of all natural resources, extraction rights to which shall be auctioned quarterly to the highest bidder but only in such quantities that preserve nonrenewable resources for future generations and with most of the royalties being distributed to the underdeveloped countries.

We shall also advocate openness in all branches, departments and levels of government. These measures will stop financier and industrialist war mongers and insane hate mongers from playing their ghoulish games. (Patriots naïve enough to think post-industrial wars are not a game with the same ghouls manipulating and financing both sides should see, "JFK to 911 Everything is a Rich Man's Trick," at .)

We shall be the "Progress" party because all forms of progress, especially scientific and technical progress are accelerated by human cooperation. In melting pot America, where the gene pool is diverse and we don't share common tribal traditions, we have always been love and cooperation challenged. By these measures, we've been disadvantaged as compared with Germany, Japan or China. Minimizing K and R will begin to overcome these disadvantages. Ultimately, as our alliance of civilized nations and the Stage II system of marriage and child rearing incorporate all of the world's peoples, we will begin to reunite humanity into the one virtual and loving family that we ought to be.

It is of paramount importance for humanity to maximize its rates of integration, cooperation, learning and evolution now that Fermi's paradox appears to have been solved. Life appears to be routinely destroyed throughout the universe by the gamma ray bursts that follow supernovae explosions. As scientists continue to search for the details of these phenomena, it is important for us not to lose sight of the apparent conclusion from what is already known. Approximately four hundred and forty million years ago, the Ordovician Extinction was caused by a supernovae explosion six or seven thousand light years away from us. Only a few creatures at the bottom of the sea survived. The survival of life on this planet hanged by a thread for a very long time. We are damn lucky to be here. We must reprioritize the goals of our space agencies and our limited astrophysical resources. Their top priority should no longer be the exploration of dead and dangerous space. It should be the protection of life within our space, Earth and its immediate environs. Our best hope for surviving the next bombardment of gamma rays and remaining an oasis of life is to minimize K and R a.s.a.p. so as to maximize our rates of integration, cooperation, evolution and learning.

The PLP and the DavidHuttnerForPresident campaign shall also be run as companies. Anyone who reads my books, agrees with the above philosophy and believes that he or she can be an asset to these organizations should contact me.

As we succeed in getting sane people elected and into government, we can sponsor legislation to prevent the babies and the scoundrels from getting into government. The oath that all elected politicians and public servants should take should be made with one hand on the U.S. Constitution -- not the Bible. And that oath should include them swearing that they do not believe in gods or demons and that they love their siblings and know that their sexual orientations were determined by their siblings.

I am running for president because I believe that it is the best way to promote my books and the social science that can civilize and sustain our world. To contribute to my campaign, donate to the account at or send a check or wire funds to my DavidHuttnerForPresident account number, 026013673 4308719230, at TD bank. Thank you.

There are a lot of things I do poorly and a lot of things about which I know nothing at all. You wouldn't want to live in a house that was built by me or chance riding in a car that was maintained by me, and don't ask me anything about plants or differential equations. But what I do best I do very well, better than anyone else, ever. I am the world's best social scientist. Don't take my word on this. Let me prove it to you. Read my books, please. THE 24TH (BEST AND PROBABLY LAST) EDITION OF "DECODING THE DELUGE" AND UPDATES OF ALL MY OTHER BOOKS ARE NOW FREE TO DOWNLOAD ON THE DOWNLOADS PAGE.


                          PEACE LOVE and PROGRESS PARTY.

"Change people's consciousness, and you change their behavior. Change enough people, and you change the world."


           Candidate David Huttner