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II. This section contains would-be Releases and Editorials for Big Brother's press (which is not available to dangerous pariahs like myself) and Internet Posts. These are quickly added to my "Selected Works," the first volume of which can be downloaded by clicking the orange button, above.


I. This first section contains links for digital copies of all of my books. Although I haven't shelled out for a professional artist to do the covers, they are -- by far -- the most honest, comprehensive and profound social science works ever written. If you weren't born yesterday, you know that Big Brother's bookstores are full of books with catchy titles and glitzy covers and virtually nothing but lies, hype and deceit between the covers. My books are life preservers for a species that is virtually drowning in its own lies. Many of the lies are so hallowed and institutionalized that very few people recognize them as lies. Those of us who contradict the conventional wisdom are perceived by most people as eccentrics or crazies. That's why I have to give away my books and literally beg people to open up their minds and think. You won't hear me telling any of you what you want to hear. That's what homophobic, latent-homosexual, loveless and angry, hell-bent-on-getting-even Big Brother does. Telling you the lies you want to hear is how he starts to get his hooks into you. You can count on me to do just the opposite, TO TELL YOU THE TRUTHS THAT YOU NEED TO HEAR. There has never been a single word of conditional text in any of my books, and their market is world-wide. They reflect the same person and promote the same ideas and political philosophy to everyone that reads them. Although I have changed much over the years, it is learning and experience that change me and not my audience, their beliefs, their wish lists or their financial backing. With these books, I am revealing myself far more consistently and comprehensively than probably any candidate for any office has ever done. My life is literally a series of open books. Rest assured that if I become your president, I will maintain this integrity. I will support no cause that conflicts with the long run interest of humanity as I describe it in these works. If you agree with the ideas expressed in these books, please donate to my campaign as the information in the red rectangle, above, or in "Why I'm Running for President" suggests. Every donation, however small, will be greatly appreciated. Do your part. If every honest and well-intentioned person contributes even $5, then this campaign will be unstoppable. If you care only about yourself and indulge in wishful-thinking and fantasy (e.g. Disney or Harry Potter), then you will continue to get the politicians you deserve. If you appreciate any of these books, that I am permitting you to read AND SHARE WITH YOUR FRIENDS FREE OF CHARGE, then please return my friendship. Order an autographed, hardcopy of the book at my bookstore or donate to the DaveForPresident campaign. Click on the maroon, "Donate" button above. And thank you for visiting this website.