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K AND R CLASS STRUGGLE   K and R are the extreme strategies for reproductive (baby-making) competition. In the early 1970s, biologists Robert Macarthur and E.O. Wilson noticed that every species tends to adopt one or the other. The large mammals adopt the K, quality strategy. They have relatively few offspring, but they train and equip them very well. Most of these offspring tend to survive long enough to reproduce the parents' genes. At the bottom end of the food chain, the insects and the small animals adopt the R, quantitative strategy. Only a few of their many and ill-equipped offspring survive long enough to reproduce their parents' genes. Twenty years later, circa 1991, I noticed that humans, at the absolute top of Earth's food chain and in competition only with each other, adopt both of these strategies. Those on top with respect to income, wealth and education are always Ks. Those on the bottom--the relative bottom, no matter where it is, high or low--must adopt the R strategy because their offspring are relatively deprived and therefore vulnerable. The key word here is "relative." The two strategies are two sides of the same coin. They cause each other. Yet the Ks and the Rs each tend to see the world from their own, limited point of view, hate each other for their excesses and oppose each other politically. The K strategy prevents us from enjoying equal opportunity. The R strategy results in the world almost always being over-populated. These two strategies are the underlying cause of all of our widespread and persistent problems. They are the basic injustice within our world. They are what the class struggle is really about. That is why the class struggle can never be won nor can any of our widespread and persistent problems be totally eliminated. What we can and must do is minimize the class struggle and all of our problems (create a civilized and sustainable world) by maximizing equal opportunity (to minimize K) and population control (to minimize R). There can only be as much equal opportunity as there is population control and vice versa because these cures/solutions are as interdependent as are the K and R ills/problems

VIOLENCE   Whether it be from spouse abuse, common crime, gun enthusiasm, war or police brutality and trigger happiness; violence is usually perpetrated by  individuals who are suffering from homophobia and latent homosexuality. They project their inner conflict outward. Homophobia and latent homosexuality are the individual roots of virtually all violence. The societal root of all violence is, of course, population pressure, which is another way of saying K and R. (See the "K and R Class Struggle" section, above.) As I stated in the Conclusion of "Decoding the Deluge," there is a constant tendency for us to overpopulate because we are uniquely at the top of Earth's food chain, without a natural predator. Plus, there is no "God" or "Devil" to control us because (as I also prove in "Decoding the Deluge," with respect to all the major religions) "God" and "Devil" or the "gods" and "demons" of pagan times are mere symbols for (originally four but after the Species War) five universal groups of ancestors and relatives toward whom we have strong, mixed emotions. Given these conditions, we have no choice other than to control our own population because there is no other animal or god to do it for us. Either we control ourselves rationally (by creating equal opportunity and population control), or we must control our population irrationally, by unnecessarily increasing the death rate and resorting to every form of genocide, homicide and suicide. It is brainless and futile to fight any of the forms of violence (symptoms) without addressing the individual and societal roots of the problem. Suppressing a symptom without attacking the roots of the problem will only cause the outbreak of new symptoms or aggravate other symptoms. Unless absolutely necessary, for defense, violence should not be met with violence because violence cannot remedy either of its root causes. It only aggravates them. Individuals suffering from homophobia and latent homosexuality need counseling. Our savage, K and R societies need equal opportunity and population control.

By the way, our country has not been on the defensive since 1814. All of our military violence committed since then might have been avoided and has done us, in the long run, much more harm than good.  (It was too late to avoid WWII in 1937 when Neville Chamberlain tried to avoid it; but if the Versailles Treaty, twenty-eight years earlier, had produced equal opportunity and population control instead of vindictive and hypocritical reparations demands, WWII would have been avoided.) Violence has generally resulted in our victims hating us and not buying our products. Here at home, among the "victors," military violence has resulted in an increase in the public appraisal of and incidence of latent homosexuality, falsity of all kinds, lovelessness and systemic resistance to all, real, social change. People who have lost limbs or loved ones in foreign wars will not want to hear this, but it is the truth. 

HOMOPHOBIA    As I stated in "Just Say No to Latent Homosexual Crusades," "The Nonfiction Works of David Huttner, Summarized," and Chapter 7, Volume 1 of "Decoding the Deluge;" homophobia arose in the modern era as a direct result of monogamy. Monogamy forces homosexual people [people without an effective father (that loves the children and is loved by the mother) or people with same-sex siblings] to have to choose between having love and having children. That is a terrible predicament to be in! Monogamy resulted from (homophobia indirectly resulted from) the unrestrained, K and R class struggle (See the section by the same name, above.) that, combined with intra-family inheritance, continually increases differences in income, wealth and education. At some point in the history of every people, those differences became (or will become for Amazonian tribes) so great that even closest friends could no longer live together in the long house, sharing their spouses and had to start living in teepees and wigwams instead. If unrestrained by laws to create equal opportunity and population control, the K and R class struggle (combined with intra-family inheritance) will continue to aggravate differences in income, wealth and education and make it ever more difficult to form group marriages. For this reason, even liberal politicians like Barach Obama are no friends to the LGBT Movement if they only advocate equal rights for LGBT people without also advocating equal opportunity and population control. For having equal rights is of little use to the vast majority of LGBT people (about 70% of our population) if homophobia continues to worsen and intimidate the vast majority of them from exercising those rights!  Of course, similar instances of there being formal rights without opportunities to exercise those rights abound within savage, K and R society. For example, it is of little use to have the right of free speech and freedom to vote if you can't afford to own your own newspaper, TV station or Internet portal. LGBT folks should also note that although other politicians may identify with you and you with them more closely than I do, it is not enough for your political representatives to have good intentions and have their hearts in the right place. They must be educated and intelligent enough to know what your real interests are and courageous enough to be unwavering in the pursuit of our common equal opportunity and population control interests. The latter is not easy at the present time when the Ks are universally too ignorant to see that population control and equal opportunity are also in their own, long-run interest.

RACISM (NEW REFLECTIONS ON IT)     A 1967 experiment by Vincent Sarich and Alllan Wilson compared the allergic reactions of the genes of different species to rabbit albumen. By comparing the different reactions, they were able to estimate the phylogenetic closeness of different species. One conclusion was that our genes are about 98.9% the same as those of the chimpanzee. (See Decoding the Deluge, Volume 3.) Extrapolating from that figure, one might estimate that the genes of the two most genetically divergent human beings that are within the range regarded as normal might be something like one tenth of one tenth of one percent or .0001. Given good nutrition, love and prenatal care, we are born with remarkably similar genetic potentials. Moreover the differences that most of us regard as most important -- differences in character, personality and intelligence -- are wholly determined by learning and environment and not by genes. So why all the fuss? Why do we strongly and severely stereotype people based upon visible but trivial genetic differences -- even in melting pot America where those differences are unlikely to correspond to significant cultural differences? Furthermore, why do the stereotypes of people with dark skin tend to be so negative?

The answer to the first question is that the unrestrained K and R class struggle (See K and R, above.) necessitates that we prey upon one another. Any visible difference between people can become the measure for distinguishing between "us" and "them."  In a predatory, Malthusian world, these distinctions become overlaid with subjective and imaginary prejudices that rationalize all of the predation. Racism in general is rooted in the predation that inevitably results from failing to minimize K and R, from failing to civilize our world.

The prejudice against dark-skinned people is especially great and somewhat universal. (Recall that the experiments by Kenneth and Mamie Clark showed that even black children imagined light-colored dolls to be better than dark-colored but otherwise identical dolls!) The cause of the prejudice against dark skin is complex but extremely interesting. Take note: the most traumatic, violent and important series of events in the life of man was a Species War that lasted from roughly sixty thousand years ago to thirty thousand years ago. The Species War is the main and cryptic subject of every religion and provides the original meaning and occasion for most of our holidays. (Islam is somewhat of an exception because Islam tells us to forget about the past and that we must be responsible only for the injustices of our time and our community.) The victims, our parent species, Homo erectus, became and remained for thousands of years the principal gods of our ancestors. Only very gradually did the Homo erectus gods become overshadowed in pantheons everywhere by their executioners, the victors of the Species War. (The executioner contracts the ambivalence felt toward his victim.) Yet I had to coin the term "Species War!" Our ancestors were so guilty about the Species War, about having exterminated our parent species, that they compromised all of their oral histories so as to placate the more neurotic members of the tribes and obscure the victims' identity. But by forbidding definite and clear accounts of our parent species, they severed the awareness and recognition of our link with and connection to the rest of the animal kingdom! To account for our unnatural origins, our religions (what remains of our oral histories after distortion due to guilt, obsessional fear, wishful thinking and paranoia) had to describe us as the result of some separate and final act of creation (e.g. And on the last day, "God created man in His image"; "Great Mother duck then pulled man out of the muddy waters"; etc.). All of our modern religions continue, in one strange way or another, to cover up our evolution so as to cover up Species War guilt. (A fabulously colorful and powerful Irish myth clearly shows that some of our Irish ancestors of thousands of years ago were fully conscious of this connection between the expunging of Species War prehistory and our alienation from the animal kingdom and our own animal being. See "Shaking-Head" in my "Irish Mythology, Passageway to Prehistory.') But everyone knows that all the other great apes (our close relatives) have dark skin; dark skin is evidence of our ape ancestry; so the sight of dark skin on any human being threatens to tear the lid off the big lie and causes mental conflict! Black racism, in particular, is rooted in the flagrant, universal, religion-contained-and-conveyed, cover-up of prehistory and our extermination of our parent species. Is it any wonder that our patricidal species is so crazy? Instead of Homo sapiens (wise man), maybe we ought to call ourselves Homo demens (crazy man).

Racial discrimination against Black Americans is especially unjust because we now know--for certain--that the aboriginal Americans were NOT Mongoloid "Indians." They were Negroes. That's right: official archaeology is now admitting that all the oldest skulls found in the New World are Negroid. But they are still perpetrating the Big White Lie that furthered European wishful thinking and enabled African-American slavery by suggesting that the aboriginal, Negroid Americans came here from Australia! For the details of what is currently known and presumptive, see Decoding the Deluge. So tell me now, my Black-American friends; should you be listening to and reading Reverend Al Sharpton and Reverend Jessie Jackson or Social Scientist David Huttner? Which politician is best educated and able to know and support your interests?

This page will address the specific issues that are important to you. Use the form on the Contact page to tell me about those issues and your take on them. I'll respond by giving you my take on them. Most of the social and political issues have been addressed in my books, but we can home in on them here. I am quite certain that there is no widespread social or political problem that can be solved (permanently and without creating another problem that merely replaces it) without creating equal opportunity and population control. Equal opportunity and population control can only exist in equal proportion and are the cures for the K and R strategies respectively. Any politician who claims that he can solve any of our problems without creating equal opportunity and population control is either an idiot or a damned liar. Consider the following issues/problems in depth, and see for yourself if this is not true.